How to Harness Your Handicap

January 16, 2024

When I started playing golf, I had no idea what a handicap was. It was an aspect of the game I never thought of until I began to get better and understand the game.

My parents and friends taught me how important it was and how to use it as a way for me to see my progress in golf. After I learned and understood what a golf handicap was, I wanted to do nothing more than get better and see how low my handicap index might get. Golf handicaps are important to show a true picture of how we play the game. Sometimes things we do on the golf course can affect our handicap and, in turn, hurt you or possibly he groups you play with. Often, players find themselves cutting corners, and this can result in a handicap index not being properly reflected for certain players. Some golfers want a low handicap, whether it be for prestige or bragging rights, while others want a higher handicap so they might take advantage of the system. It’s very easy to see as an observer and can be frustrating to others. Let’s take a moment to review what a golf handicap is, make sure it’s accurate, understand its significance, and discover how it can help you play better.
Importance of a Handicap
1. To see the golfer’s true potential – Our handicaps give us a snapshot of our golf games while we are playing. It allows you to see the type of player you are and provides a goal to become better. 
2. Makes golf more fun! – If done properly, handicaps will provide fair competition amongst fellow players. This allows tournaments and games to be enjoyable.
3. Play more – The handicap formula is based on the best 8 scores out of 20. This gives all of us an excuse to play more golf to see if we can beat those scores
4. Player performance – With a true handicap, it shows how you are doing with your game. It will show when you are struggling and, in turn, show when things going very well.
5. Each course is different. Handicap indexes allow us to take our game on the road and be adjusted to that golf course’s difficulty.
6. Pride – Handicaps allow us to have something to show off to our friends. It will drive us to be better golfers.
Handicaps are great for the game of golf. They are also great for all of us who enjoy the game with our friends or even play in competitions. If you are honest and trust the handicap system, the game will be a lot of fun for all,

Marshall Stott

Head Golf Professional
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