Five Reasons to Build a Custom Home

July 4, 2017

1. Made for You

Though it sounds a bit obvious, when you build a custom home, it is built completely for you. So often, someone deciding between buying a resale versus building a custom home will walk into a home for sale and say I love this, but… With a custom home, there doesn’t have to be a “but.”

2. Customized to Your Lifestyle

Love to entertain? You can design an open floor plan that keeps you connected with your guests. Is outdoor living a priority? The hardscape, porches, and yard can be designed alongside the interior structure so you can seamlessly enjoy both the indoors and outdoors. No matter your way of life, with a new home, you can customize it to match your lifestyle.

3. Low Maintenance

In general, when you build a home, you know exactly what materials you and your builder discussed and ultimately, it’s new. By selecting quality materials alongside your builder, you can avoid uncertainties like the condition of the foundation or the structural integrity.

4. Built for the Long Run

When you build your home, you more than likely don’t have plans to move anytime soon. Whether you are a newly-married couple, have been married for years with grandchildren, or you’re building  your dream house for one, when you design your own home, you can design it so the home can grow with you. We’ve discussed in the past the mantra of Aging in Place and how building an adaptable home is great for the long-term.

5. Energy Efficiency

When you build your home from start to finish, you have the opportunity for energy efficient technology. Whether it is better windows, efficient insulation, or energy-saving appliances, you can incorporate these things at the beginning instead of having to renovate later on.

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