Can You Golf By Yourself?

November 28, 2023

Yes, you can absolutely golf by yourself! While golf is commonly played in groups, it’s not a requirement. Many golfers find playing solo to be a relaxing and meditative experience. Playing alone allows you to focus on your game, enjoy the tranquility of the golf course, and set your own pace. It can be a great way to clear your mind and connect with nature while engaging in a challenging and rewarding sport.

Golfing alone is also an excellent opportunity to work on your skills and practice specific shots. Without the distractions of social interaction, you can concentrate on your swing, your putting, or any other aspect of your game that needs improvement.

Can You Play On A Golf Course By Yourself?

Playing on a golf course by yourself is generally allowed, but it’s essential to check with the course’s management or consult their rules and regulations. Most golf courses are open to solo golfers, especially during non-peak hours when the course is less crowded. It’s essential to book a tee time in advance and ensure you adhere to the course’s pace of play guidelines.

Many golf courses even offer discounted rates for solo players during less busy times, making it an attractive option for those who prefer a solitary golfing experience. However, be mindful of other golfers and be ready to join a group if the course is busy and they need to pair you up for pacing purposes.

Can You Play 9 Holes By Yourself?

Absolutely, you can play 9 holes by yourself. In fact, playing 9 holes solo is an excellent option for those with limited time or for beginners who might find 18 holes too daunting. Nine-hole rounds are often quicker, making them more manageable for a solo golfer. This allows you to enjoy the game without a significant time commitment.

Playing 9 holes also offers the flexibility to practice specific aspects of your game or focus on your short game. Additionally, it’s an ideal way to introduce newcomers to golf without overwhelming them with a full 18-hole round. Many golf courses offer 9-hole rates and packages, making it a convenient choice for golfers looking for a shorter yet satisfying golfing experience.

How Long Does It Take To Play 18 Holes By Yourself?

The time it takes to play 18 holes by yourself can vary depending on your skill level and the pace of play on the course. On average, a solo round of 18 holes might take anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours. If you’re an experienced golfer and the course isn’t too crowded, you may complete the round more quickly. Conversely, beginners or golfers who enjoy a leisurely pace might take longer.

A man swinging his golf club on a golf course

To ensure an efficient round and maintain good course etiquette, follow these tips:

Play at off-peak times: Try to schedule your round during non-busy hours to minimize waiting time on the course.

Stay aware of the pace: Keep an eye on your position relative to the group ahead of you, and be ready to let faster groups play through if necessary.

Play ready golf: Be prepared to take your shot when it’s your turn, without unnecessary delays.

Ultimately, playing 18 holes by yourself is a rewarding experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game and enjoy the beauty of the golf course. Just be mindful of course rules and the needs of other golfers to ensure a positive experience for everyone.


In conclusion, golfing by yourself is a perfectly acceptable and enjoyable way to experience the sport. Whether you’re playing 9 holes or tackling the full 18, solo golfing provides a unique opportunity to focus on your game, relax in a beautiful natural setting, and indulge in the challenge of the sport. So don’t hesitate to grab your clubs, book a tee time, and head out for a memorable solo round on the golf course.

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