Builder Story: Meet Wilkins & Wilkins General Contracting, INC.

July 4, 2017

We’re excited to kick off a new series – Builder Story – where you will have a chance to learn more about the builders in our Custom Home Program at River Landing. Get to know Wilkins and Wilkins General Contracting, a custom home building group out of Wilmington, NC, in the first of the series.

1. Why was the company started? My Dad was a custom cabinet maker along with his other 2 brothers and I was brought into this industry at a very early age. I truly enjoyed it and I have never done anything else except cabinetry, renovations and custom home building.

2. What is your mission statement? It is OUR firm belief that a truly custom built home can only be done one at a time. We choose to work this way to give our clients the best possible product and service that we can provide. Our main goal is total satisfaction for our clients and our bottom line is secondary.

3. How does that translate into the homes that you build? In the beginning stages of meeting perspective new clients, we tell them that Jim actually works on site everyday with a tool belt. We really think they do not understand until they see it for themselves or their neighbors tell them what they are witnessing. Our job sites have no dumpsters because we clean up every single day. We have the utmost respect for everybody involved including the neighbors. We treat that new home as if it is ours until we hand over the keys on that very last day.

4. Who are the faces that your clients will get to know? Jim Wilkins and Lisa Wilkins, the owners of Wilkins & Wilkins General Contracting Inc., and many past clients.

5. What do you like about building at River Landing? That is a very open question, but if answered honestly we love everything about River Landing. We have a great rapport with River landing and all the employees, the Duplin County Building Department and other local businesses that we choose to use. From all of the sub-divisions that we have built in – there have been many – River Landing by far has the most to offer anybody moving to this area.

6. What is one trend you are seeing more and more in Custom Homes? Open floors plans are probably the number one trend we are seeing, plus handicap friendly homes especially for future in-home care.

7. What do you want property owners to know about your business? Our business is set up to not only build custom homes but to do other projects that may arise post construction, ie: bathroom, kitchen remodeling, etc.

To learn more, visit Wilkins and Wilkins General Contracting.

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