A Stress Free Life: from moving van to River Landing

July 10, 2019

They say that moving is one of the most stressful things we can do and most people feel so overwhelmed they don’t even know where to start. Whether it be cross-country, around the corner, or into River Landing for the first time, the goal is to get settled in quickly without much fuss, and with everything in the same condition it was in when packed. The following guide has been created with help from Coastal Carrier. It seems that once you’ve done some organizing and planning, you’ll have time to enjoy the upcoming changes of life in one of the nation’s most popular golf lifestyle communities. 


Summer is the peak season for movers as families want to get settled in before school begins. If possible, avoid the busy time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If you must move in the summer, plan well in advance. Keep in mind, too, that the first and last weeks of the month are usually the most hectic time for movers. The sooner you can inform your moving company when and where you are going, the better prepared they will be to make you the top priority that day!


Moving companies like Coastal Carrier (located regionally in Wilmington and Raleigh) can move plants. Of course, their survival cannot be guaranteed. It serves to reason that a move cross-country is more taxing on plants than a move across town. If you’re moving across town, simply pack your plants in open boxes. Traveling long distances with plants in a car is a bit more tricky though. It can be especially challenging if you’re making several overnight stops along the way. In this case, treat your plants as you would your pets: Don’t let them get too hot or too cold. If you leave them in the car for more than an hour, leave the windows in the car open slightly, and make sure they get enough water.


Trucking laws don’t allow most moving carriers to transport hazardous materials such as gasoline, cleaning fluids, aerosols, and LP Gas tanks. Fuel must be drained from all equipment including lawn mowers, go-carts, gas grills, etc. 


Most people have furniture or other items of special value they would like to ensure at replacement value or shipper declared value. These type policies are over and above the insurance carried on the contents of hired moving trucks. Talk to you insurance agent for more information.


To find The Most Epic Moving Checklist In The History of Moving, click here. You’ll be redirected to Updater.com where you’ll find an incredible list that takes you from 2-months out to the day of.

What are some tips you have for moving? Have you made a move recently? Are you moving into River Landing soon and are looking for a local moving company with a great reputation and plenty of positive online reviews? Let us know in the comments below.

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