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Best Time Of The Day To Schedule A Tee Time

Who doesn’t want to engage in a good game of golf after a hard day’s work? Not only is the spot a great form of exercise, but it also allows players to enjoy the great outdoors. It helps you relax and reduce the stress you may have incurred because of your job, family needs, and other factors.

Based on your work schedule, you can book a tee time. For instance, early birds prefer playing a game of golf while basking in the sunlight. Some golfers like playing a game or two only after the sun has set.

Read on to know more about the best tee times for golfers.

Early Morning Tee Time

Golfers can benefit so much from playing a friendly game or two in the early morning. Any sports activity in the wee hours of the day is bound to benefit your health. Another plus point of early morning tee time is that you get a fresh and nicely groomed course all to yourself.

Please note that tee time is perfect for those who have a habit of waking up early. Also, you can expect from early morning dew on the course, which may play spoilsport.

Early Afternoon Tee Time

At this time of the day, the sun tends to shine the brightest. Early afternoon tea time is not everyone’s cup of tea. A great advantage is that there won’t be too many people willing to play a game at this hour.

However, it can get scorching and can ruin your playing experience. Please make sure to wear comfortable attire and keep a water bottle handy.

Late Day Tee Time

This period is best suited to those who work 9 to 5 jobs every day. Also so the weather is more relaxed and can rid you of the stress that you incurred at your workplace.

Please remember that a bright sky is a massive aspect of a golfing game, and a sunset or a late-day tee time may turn out to be disappointing for some. Also so you may not get to enjoy the after-round eats and drinks that are a massive part of golfing culture.

What Should An Amateur Golfer Consider Before Picking A Tee Time?

A good tee time also depends significantly on how good you are at playing the game. If you have started playing the game only recently e you should avoid the course when too many experienced players are using it. The best time for a beginner is late morning or early afternoon tea time Since most golfers are away doing their work.

In Conclusion

Don’t allow your inexperience to ruin your chances at enjoying an excellent golfing game. If you wish to soak in the camaraderie that is a distinctive feature of the game, you can join the professional players at an appropriate tee time. Contact us to know more.

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