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Best Putting Greens Near Wilmington, NC

One of the best indicators of a well maintained golf course is the condition of the greens. Fast, compact, technical greens make for a great putting surface that feels professional. When greens are slow or patchy, it is impossible to properly finish holes. If you want to play golf the way it was intended to be played, you need to play a course that has properly maintained putting greens. For golfers who want the best putting greens near Wilmington, NC, River Landing Country Club is a must visit. Our two beautiful courses, the River course and the Landing course, feature stunning greens and natural vistas that highlight the beauty of eastern North Carolina. Contact us here online to speak to us about playing our courses or becoming a member.

Best Golf Course Greens Near Wilmington, North Carolina

The greens of a golf course can make or break a golfer’s experience. If you are looking for a great golf course with well maintained putting greens near Wilmington, you need to visit River Landing Country Club. Our club provides superb putting conditions for golfers of all skill levels. Whether you are a low handicap player or a high handicap player, you will enjoy the best putting greens in eastern North Carolina at River Landing country club. Our club offers two of the top 50 courses in North Carolina; making it a great destination for a golf get away.

Fast Putting Greens Near Wilmington, NC​​

Putting surfaces can range from extremely slow to extremely fast. In some cases, greens can be so fast it seems like you are putting on glass. There is a rating system for the speed of a green that is known as the stimp rating. Stimp ratings measure how fast a green on a golf course is playing. A lower rating means the green is slower, while a higher rating means the green is more smooth, which makes it faster. The highest stimp ratings you will find are anywhere from 13 to 14. Most PGA tour events have a stimp rating of around a 12. This rating provides lightning quick greens. 

Most golf courses around Wilmington, North Carolina have a stimp rating of around an 8 or 9. If you are looking for some of the fastest golf putting greens near Wilmington, you might want to consider visiting River Landing Country Club. During the playing season it is not uncommon to find our greens rolling with a stimp rating between 10 and 12. At times the greens here at River landing are playing at the speed of professional putting greens. If you want a golf course near Wilmington with fast greens, you need to visit River Landing Country Club. 

Golf Courses With Champion Bermuda Putting Greens Near Wilmington

When it comes to creating ideal putting surfaces, golf course superintendents have a few different options. In the southeast there are two popular species of grass that are used for putting greens on golf courses, Bentgrass greens and Bermudagrass greens. Both of these grass species have their pros and cons. The most common species of grass used for putting greens in the piedmont and coastal regions of North Carolina is Bermudagrass. Bermuda greens are much more tolerant of heat and drought. 

Underneath the umbrella of Bermudagrass there are many different individual species that are used on golf courses. One of the best species of Bermuda used on putting greens is Champion Bermuda. This species provides an extremely fast and true putting surface that is similar to greens played by professional golfers. Here at River Landing Country Club we provide golfers with meticulously maintained Champion Bermuda greens. Our greens offer golfers a smooth, fast, putting surface on which to perfect their game and compete in tournaments. 

Which Golf Course Has The Best Greens Near Wilmington, NC?

When it comes to choosing which country club you want to join near Wilmington, NC, one of the biggest factors that can sway a golfer’s decision is the quality of the greens. No golfer wants to play a golf course with greens that do not provide a smooth roll. If you want to join a golf course with the best greens near Wilmington, River Landing is the club for you. Come play our two championship courses and see why River Landing is the club of choice for so many Wilmington residents.

If you are interested in playing at River Landing Country Club click the button below. We would love to take you on a tour of the club!

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