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River Landing

Best Place To Retire For Active Seniors

After working for years, you need a long vacation to relax and enjoy your awaited retirement. And you know which the best place is for that? River landing, yes, you heard right! River Landing is the place you would want to spend your stressless vacations!

The Murphy family conceived and developed River Landing to exceed expectations and deliver more than what is promised. The Murphys’ mission has been accomplished from the moment you drive through the gates of this unique community. There’s something for everyone at River Landing. The River Landing community provides a wide range of activities for residents of all ages, from improving your golf game to exploring the great outdoors. River Landing is your one-stop shop for event venues, offering luxury at an unbeatable value.

Some Best Activities to Enjoy At River Landing. Let’s have a look at what River landing has stored for everyone.

Photo of a man golfing at River Landing

36 Hole Golf Course

River Landing is a best-golfing destination; they host tournaments from various kinds of companies and golf competitions. With top two there are 40 courses in the state and two top courses in their region, it’s not shocking that many people take River Landing to be the crown of a golfing experience. Members can also choose between two 18-hole championship golf courses within the community. These two golf courses, which offer 36 holes each, are rated as the best in eastern North Carolina. Both courses are also ranked among the top 50 in the state of North Carolina.

The River Course embraces the stunning beauty of the natural environment as it runs along the Northeast Cape Fear River. This 18-hole championship course features five tee boxes, Champion Bermuda greens, and Tifway 419 Bermuda tees and fairways.

In addition to their traditional 18-hole courses, River Landing offers a popular par-3 option on both the River and the Landing courses.

The 18-hole layouts have a par of 54 and are made up of only par-3 holes (holes that a golfer is expected to finish in three strokes or less). Each hole is less than 200 yards long. As par-3 courses become more popular, they are especially beneficial to beginning golfers, junior golfers, and golfers with limited time to play.

Tennis Courts

If you are looking forward to living in a community in North Carolina that has tennis courts, you should check out River Landing. Members at River Landing have access to the area’s most prestigious tennis facility; Tennis courts are made from a variety of different materials. Each material offers a distinct playing surface to players. Hard tennis courts, clay tennis courts, and grass tennis courts are the three significant types of tennis courts found worldwide. Hard tennis courts are the usual type of tennis playing surface.

Aerial photo of tennis courts at River Landing

In the Wilmington area, finding clay tennis courts to play on can be difficult. Many tennis facilities do not have the time or funds to properly maintain clay tennis courts. You should try to play on the clay tennis courts at River Landing Country Club if you’re searching for clay tennis courts.

There are some differences to be alert of when comparing hard tennis courts and clay tennis courts. Hard tennis courts allow for a quicker pace of play and lower ball bounce. Clay courts slow down the pace of play and have a higher ball bounce. Clay courts can also help you save energy by allowing you to slide into your shots rather than coming to a hard stop repeatedly.

Pickleball Courts

According to research on the game’s health benefits, playing pickleball, one of the fastest-growing sports, may help to prevent depression as well as improve fitness.

Those findings are likely to fuel many people’s enthusiasm for this oddly named sport — one that’s a little like tennis, a little like Ping-Pong, and provides a mix of moderate exercise and social connection that many say can be beneficial. And River landing offer you that advantage by letting you play pickleball in one of the finest courts of River landing.

Fitness Center

One of the most major advantages of becoming a River Landing Country Club membership is access to their fully equipped Fitness Center. Health is a crucial motive of the River Landing lifestyle, which is why they offer their members the necessary equipment and training to stay fit.

All River Landing members have access to their Fitness Center. Members can register for fitness classes both online and in-person, in addition to a beautiful fitness facility. River Landing’s fitness classes are led by friendly professional fitness trainers who are committed to assisting you in reaching your fitness goals. River Landing’s amenities provide its members with numerous opportunities to live a healthy and active lifestyle. River Landing’s Fitness Center is just one of our many amenities.

The various group fitness classes at the Fitness Center are a member’s favorite. If you bloom in a group setting, the Fitness Center offers different types of classes to help you and your neighbors reach your fitness targets. Each class is lead by a professional fitness coach who will guide you through your workout to ensure you get the most out of it.

Walking And Biking Trails

Active people appreciate having recreational opportunities close to their homes. Outdoor recreation, whether in the form of parks, lakes, or greenways, is always beneficial. Wilmington, North Carolina, has a lot to provide residents as well as visitors. Eastern North Carolina offers a plethora of outdoor activities. Nothing beats being able to walk out your back door and into your favorite activities. One of the most appealing aspects of River Landing is its proximity to fantastic outdoor recreational opportunities.

Wilmington is a great place to get away and enjoy nature’s beauty. Riding a scenic bike trail in Wilmington, NC, is one of the most popular ways to get outside and enjoy nature. People in Wilmington can enjoy a variety of bike trails. Some bike trails in Wilmington are more scenic than others, but they all have fantastic features that set them apart. The senior citizens would love to enjoy themselves in the beauty of nature.

Community Events

Maybe it’s the perfectly manicured lawn, the towering oak trees, or the calming flowing Northeast Cape Fear River, but everything at River Landing feels magical from the moment you enter through the gates. Combine their lush and tranquil setting with on-site accommodations, first-rate event staff, and fine cuisine paired by our Executive Chef, and you have the makings of a perfect event. Not only retired people but people from every age would love to attend these events.

Find Out More About River Landing’s Community

River landing is the place of your dreams as it’s a complete package of everything, whether it is playing golf, tennis, and pickleball, or roaming with bikes in the beauty of nature, or attending the special events in river landing with amazing and delicious dinner. So if you are retired and looking forward to having those young ages fun, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy every bit of River Landing now!

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