Best Golf Course For Seniors Near Wilmington, NC

River Landing

Best Golf Course For Seniors Near Wilmington, NC

Every golf course is unique. This is part of the beauty of golf. Every time you play a new course you meet new challenges. Some courses play to a golfer’s strengths more than others. There are a number of golf courses out there that are more geared towards low handicap golfers. These courses sometimes don’t have red tees. Other courses offer red tees and shorter yardages which make playing more enjoyable for seniors. 

Here at River Landing Country Club, we have tee boxes that are suitable for players of all ages and skill levels on both of our golf courses. We have two golf courses that are ranked in the top 50 in the state and rated as the top two golf courses in eastern North Carolina. We also have a par 3 golf course for those who prefer this experience. If you are looking for the best golf courses for seniors near Wilmington, NC, come visit River Landing Country Club. 

Golf Courses With Red Tees Near Wilmington, NC

When looking for a golf course for seniors the first thing you need to determine is whether or not the course has white or red tee boxes. The red tee box typically offers golfers the shortest yardages off the tee and allows players who do not hit the ball as far a more enjoyable round. When playing the red tees on a golf course, it is much easier to reach the fairway. Nothing is more frustrating than struggling to get the distance required to play a golf course. 

Both the Landing Course and the River Course at River Landing offer players the option to play both red and white tees. The yardage of our golf course is not extremely long which allows players who do not hit the ball as far an equal opportunity to enjoy the game.  

If you are a senior who is interested in joining the best country club for seniors near Wilmington, come visit us at River Landing. With two golf courses that are senior friendly, River Landing is truly the best golf course for seniors in eastern NC. 

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