Best Golf Course for Junior Golfers in Eastern NC

River Landing

Best Golf Course for Junior Golfers in Eastern NC

Junior golfers are important for the future of the game. However, some courses can be discouraging for junior golfers due to their level of difficulty or structure. That is not the case here at River Landing Country Club. Here at River Landing, junior golfers will find two courses that are ranked top 50 in the state of North Carolina. Both of our courses, the River course and the Landing course, have tee boxes that provide junior friendly yardages into each green. We invite golfers of all experience levels to come experience all that our beautiful courses have to offer here at River Landing. Contact us today for information about tee times or membership. 

What Is A Good Golf Course For Juinor Golfers In Eastern North Carolina?

Although some golf courses in eastern North Carolina are not as friendly to junior golfers, we are proud to offer two beautiful courses to players of all skill levels. When looking for a golf course for junior golfers in Eastern North Carolina, it is important to consider the skill level of the boy or girl that will be playing. It is also important to look into the design of the course. You don’t want to bring junior golfers to a course that will be too difficult for them. 

Whether your junior golfer is five years old or twelve years old, they likely won’t have as much fun playing the tips as they would playing junior tees or family tees. When looking for a golf course that is suitable for junior golfers, make sure that the course has tee boxes that are manageable for younger players. For example, at River Landing Country Club families have the ability to play the junior tees. This makes it easier for younger kids to enjoy the course with the rest of the family. We also offer a variety of amenities for everyone to enjoy after their round.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Golf At River Landing Country Club?

Some golf courses prohibit junior golfers from playing because they fear that they will slow the pace of play. At River Landing Country Club this is not the case. Kids of all ages are welcome to enjoy both the River course and the Landing course at River Landing Country Club. Whether your junior golfer is six years old or fifteen years old, they are welcome to play the course with you. 

If you have any questions about joining River Landing Country Club, or booking a golf package, contact us anytime!

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