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Benefits Of A Private Golf Club Membership

There are two major categories that a golf course can fall under. Every golf course is either a private golf club or a public golf club. There are pros and cons to both public golf courses and private golf courses. For some, playing a public course is perfectly fine but for others, the environment at a private club is much more enjoyable. Many golfers have trouble deciding whether or not the price of joining a private golf course is worth it for them. If you are considering joining a private golf club but are unsure if the investment is worth it, the resources below will be valuable for you. 

If you are interested in joining the premier golf club in eastern North Carolina, come visit River Landing Country Club. Featuring two golf courses that are ranked in the top 50 in North Carolina, River Landing provides members with a premium golf experience. 

How Much Does A Golf Course Membership Cost?

The cost of a golf membership varies depending on the course – everyone is different.  Some courses offer multiple tiers for their packages, catering to the needs of their members, while others solely offer an all-inclusive package.

Here at River Landing, we offer four different packages for our members – golf, sports, social, and commuter.  While all four packages allow you to enjoy our golf courses, each membership option has different perks.  Our commuter package costs only $212 per month, but if you are interested in a different membership, you can see all of the membership options here.

Do Golf Members Have To Pay Greens Fees?

Golfers typically pay a greens fee in order to gain access to the course.  However, that greens fee often gets lumped into the cost of the membership itself.  This perk may depend on the level of membership you designate – sometimes, you still need to pay the cost of the greens fee if you designate a lower membership.  For example, with our social membership, greens and cart fees are still applicable.

Can Anyone Play On A Private Golf Course (Do You Have To Be A Guest?)

The ability to play on a private golf course without a membership has grown increasingly easier, although you cannot simply walk onto the course as easily as a member. Golf tournaments allow players of all skill levels to play, which allows you onto a private course you otherwise do not belong to.  However, this differs from a leisurely round of golf, so it requires more commitment.

Sometimes, simply calling and asking the pro shop what you can do also works – private clubs will have the guest rate that you can pay, but you will not need a member to accompany you on the course.  This may be easier during off-season or non-peak days, when fewer members utilize the club’s amenities.

While the easiest way to gain access to a private golf course is through buying yourself a membership or befriending someone with their own membership, there are methods to get yourself a tee time on a private golf course without a membership.

What Is The Difference Between A Private And Public Golf Course?

The biggest difference between a private and public golf course is the membership – a private golf course requires one while at a public golf course you’ll pay to golf, but without the exclusivity factor.  Memberships to a private course are higher than a public course, but you also pay for the nicer amenities included.

Private clubs often require a more formal dress code (slacks, a tucked in collared shirt, etc.), while public courses are more relaxed when it comes to how you can dress.  Many private clubs have started to loosen up on their dress code, but oftentimes there are still guidelines in place.

At a public golf course, people have the opportunity to play music while they golf with their friends, as long as the volume remains at a respectful level.  However, at a private club, they may play their own music over a speaker for the members – or they might not allow any music on the course at all.

As a middle ground, semi-private golf courses exist as well.  These courses, like public courses, remain open to everyone.  However, these hybrid courses offer memberships allowing for private perks such as exclusive tee times, reduced greens fees, and more.  These clubs suit the needs of golfers who take golfing more seriously than the regular public course attendee but need to keep cost in mind.

Should You Join A Private Golf Club In Eastern NC?

Whether or not you would benefit from joining a private golf club is completely dependent on your unique situation. There are a number of benefits that are enjoyed when you join a private golf club. How much you value these benefits is what should determine whether or not you decide to join. 

Benefits Of Joining A Private Golf Club

There are many benefits of joining a private golf club. From better playing conditions to building strong relationships with fellow members, the added value of a private golf club is immeasurable. If you are on the fence about joining a private golf course, consider these benefits and use them to help determine if joining a private golf course would be beneficial for you. 

Here are some of the most sought after benefits of joining a private golf club in eastern North Carolina. 

  • Superb course design

  • Better playing conditions

  • Club events

  • Relationship building

  • Access to professional instruction

  • Better tee times 

Pace Of Play

When you join a private golf club or country club you will enjoy a much more enjoyable pace of play than on a public course. Members at private golf courses are often more efficient players and do not spend as much time looking for stray balls. The members at a private country club gain unparalleled understanding of their home course and know how to get around efficiently. When you play a public golf course, often times golfers do not understand golf etiquette and can cause 18-hole rounds to extend well over five hours. If you want to join a private golf club with an enjoyable pace of play, join River Landing country club today.

Join River Landing Country Club

If you are interested in joining an elite private golf course in eastern North Carolina, we encourage you to come visit River Landing Country Club. Featuring two championship golf courses, River Landing is truly a golfer’s paradise. Give us a call or click the button below to request more information about joining River Landing. One of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you. 

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