How to Make Your Farmhouse Your Own

March 28, 2023

Like most things in our world, home design trends change, and the kind of home you choose is determined by YOUR style. In the 1970s, it was all about ranch-style homes, while in the 80s, bright, colorful patterns and geometric shapes were all the rage. By the 90s & 2000s, things began to settle down with more traditional or farmhouse style homes and lots of brick EVERYWHERE! Since then, the farmhouse style has evolved into the “modern farmhouse” which has soared in popularity. It is just one of the many different home styles you can find in River Landing, and our Custom Home Program (CHP) team works closely with our property owners and builders to find the perfect design.

Farmhouse-style homes can have many variations, like classic, vintage, rustic, traditional, modern, or simply farmhouse, and are credited to early American settlers. Some believe this style will always be around in some shape or form, making them a dependable choice if you are interested in possibly selling one day. Being such a classic design helps give it a sense of home.

Traditional farmhouses are typically built with more than one point in the roof and they have several sections instead of just one single shape. They also tend to shy away from a brick exterior. Modern farmhouses, similar to their predecessors, are a relaxed, comfortable style with a modern touch, smooth lines, and glossy accents; they are not always the same color. Unlike traditional farmhouses that normally lean towards warm tones and neutrals, modern farmhouses are often seen wearing white, off-white, and pastel colors, and typically use engineered wood siding.

picture of spec house

While the exterior of a home largely defines its architectural style, home design is not just about what you see when you are driving down the street. What you do with the interior also determines the style of your home. Modern farmhouses are known to be more sophisticated, and they use contemporary design elements like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, creative backsplashes, and sleek lighting. If the farmhouse look is what you are going for, here are some things to consider:

interior of kitchen


Furnishings should be comfortable and practical. Open shelving is a great example because it can become a part of any room’s decor, it helps you store items, and you can switch up the look by adding farmhouse-style decorations on the shelves. Shiplap is easy to incorporate and can be used on walls, ceilings, kitchen islands, and many other places in the home. It’s also very affordable! Barn doors can be a great addition because they fit the farmhouse theme perfectly and they take up less floor space than standard doors.

Natural Palette

Choosing a neutral palette ensures your home appears to be fresh, clean, and open. Cream, silver, beige, and grey all work well, especially with the simple patterns that are prevalent in the farmhouse style. Incorporate things like distressed wood, cotton, and stone. Choose calm colors, and let a lot of natural light shine throughout to keep the natural look throughout your home. 

Mix & Match

Matching doesn’t always mean using the same colors, materials, or patterns. It’s ok to mix and match your furniture, especially when you are combining old with new. Try pairing a new sofa with a vintage side table. Your goal is to create a look that has evolved over time.

Modern or industrial elements are what make the style. Having a modern farmhouse is creating a cozy home that is not cluttered and has minimal accessories.

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “All of that sounds amazing, but I still wouldn’t even know where to begin to design a modern farmhouse theme”. Fortunately, the Custom Home Program can help. It is designed to provide resources, information, and advice to you as a property owner. Our preferred builders and Allied Partners have the expertise to guide you through the home-building process, so you can turn your dream home into reality.

To start building your forever home at River Landing, or to talk with the CHP builder of your choice about ways to make your custom home truly stand out, contact us at

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