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Visit The Best Master-Planned Community In North Carolina

Planned communities are a great place to live for those who enjoy a strong sense of community. Living in a planned community allows residents to connect on a deeper level with their neighbors than traditional neighborhoods. These connections can often blossom into lifelong friendships. Another major benefit to living in a planned community in North Carolina are the wonderful amenities. If you are searching for a planned community in NC, visit River Landing, named a “Top 50 Best Master-Planned Community in the U.S.,” by Where to Retire.

Is A Planned Community The Same As A Gated Community?

Planned communities and gated communities are not the same.  By definition, a gated community is surrounded by some sort of security enclosure that sections it off from the other communities.  With planned communities, that is not necessarily the case.

A planned community is carefully crafted so that each neighborhood has easy access to all the amenities in the area.  These amenities may include the grocery store, the gym, public transportation, among other things.  They typically reside just outside of major cities and are more than 2,500 acres in size.

The two communities offer many of the same things – a sense of tight community and belonging, stellar amenities, increased safety measures, and more – however, the biggest difference is that a gated community must be gated while a planned community may or may not have a gate enclosure.

What is the purpose of a planned community?

The purpose of a planned community is to create an environment that is the most convenient and pleasant for the most amount of people possible.  Because of this, planned communities are packed with all kinds of amenities that traditional communities may not typically have.  The layout of the community allows for residents to connect with their neighbors on a much deeper level than they would in a traditional neighborhood because they have a sense of belonging, purpose, and comradery in the place where they live.

Planned communities have existed for much longer than you might expect – the first planned community, called Riverside, is located just outside of Chicago.  It was built in 1869!

What Is A Master-Planned Community?

Master-planned communities are not much different from planned communities.  The main difference between the two communities is the size factor.  Master-planned communities are almost like mini, self-serving cities.  These communities can often be 10,000 acres or larger in size, which is much larger than the average planned community.

Pros And Cons Of A Planned Community

Like any community, there are pros and cons to moving into a planned community. Depending on your priorities, some of these may hold a higher weight than others.

Planned communities may offer some rather luxurious amenities – from pools to sports fields to playgrounds to clubhouses, residents will never find themselves bored.

Many planned communities take increased measures to ensure the safety of their residents. While sometimes this looks like gating the community, this could also be through community watch groups or having constant patrols.

Planned communities are protected by the HOA. This means oftentimes your yard work is taken care of, your home investment is protected, and much more. Here are the pros and cons of HOA communities.

Planned communities give homeowners the chance to really get to know their neighbors through all the amenities and neighborhood events that the community sets up. If you want to be close with your neighbors, planned communities may be right for you.

Due to the closeness of the community, if you are looking to have a quiet life where you do not really speak with your neighbors, this may not be the best place for you. With the hustle and bustle of the community, it is hard to not interact with everyone around you and get to know them.

These communities are all about convenience. However, the larger and more populated they become, the more difficult it can be to snag a home right next to that certain amenity that you may want.

Because these are HOA-regulated homes, oftentimes you are not able to customize the outside of your home as crazy as you may want. The HOA is all for making your home beautiful, but that may not include having a bright orange house for them.

exterior of house with tan beams that extend into brick. Wooden brown door with potted plants

River Landing has established itself as the premier planned community in eastern North Carolina. With two championship golf courses within the community, River Landing is truly a golfer’s paradise! You will also find a pool, tennis courts, and even restaurants within River Landing, as well as a vibrant community of residents. If you want to live in a planned community in North Carolina that has it all, we would be happy to schedule a visit for you so that you can experience everything that our amazing community has to offer!

Planned Community With A Golf Course In North Carolina

If proximity to a top flight golf course is important to you, it is going to be hard to beat living in the River Landing community. River Landing offers not one, but two golf courses ranked in the top 50 in the state. That’s right, both the River Course and the Landing Course are ranked in the top 50 golf courses in North Carolina and are ranked number one and two in the region respectively. The courses are private, meaning players must be members of River Landing Country Club to use the course, or purchase a golf package. While a membership at River Landing Country Club is not required for residents of the community, it is encouraged so that you can get to know your fellow neighbors and have access to all the amazing facilities and events that the club offers. 

Planned Community Near Wilmington, NC

Wilmington is emerging as one of the most popular cities in North Carolina. More and more people are flocking to the coast to enjoy the laid back lifestyle that eastern NC offers to residents. When it comes to planned communities near Wilmington, River Landing truly stands apart from the rest. River Landing is located approximately thirty minutes north of Wilmington and provides easy access to downtown as well as beaches. If you are interested in living in a planned community in Wilmington, consider visiting River Landing. 

We will be happy to take you on a tour of the River Landing community and show you everything that we have to offer. Please contact us by phone or click the button below to schedule a visit.

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