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River Landing

Visit River Landing, One Of The Best Places To Live In North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the most popular states in the southeastern US. There are not many states that offer as much natural beauty as our state. From the glistening waters of the Outer Banks, to the beauty of the Appalachian mountains in the west, there is a little bit of everything here in NC. Outside of natural beauty, there are a number of wonderful cities and towns in North Carolina that people are proud to call home. Wilmington, Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, Winston Salem and Greensboro round out some of the most popular cities to live in. If you are a fan of living near the coast, it is hard to beat Wilmington. 

River Landing offers residents a community that is close to Wilmington and some of the best beaches in North Carolina. Residents enjoy the luxuries of Wilmington without dealing with all the tourist traffic. River Landing provides two golf courses that are ranked in the top 50 golf courses in North Carolina as well as multiple delicious dining options. Eastern NC is one of the best places to move in North Carolina. If you are considering making NC your home, contact us to learn more about our vibrant community and all that River Landing has to offer.

Small Town Life In North Carolina

While living in a larger city in NC is ideal for some, smaller towns have a lot to offer residents. If you are not a fan of dealing with long commutes and traffic then the lifestyle and amenities of a residential community in a suburb or a small town is a great alternative. Eastern North Carolina is full of great small towns that are close to the coast. Wallace, for example, is situated roughly thirty minutes north of Wilmington and an hour and a half away from Raleigh. Wallace has a laid back feel while also offering two of the best golf in North Carolina. The River Landing community in Wallace has established itself as the premier golf community in eastern NC. If you love playing golf and enjoying time near the coast, then River Landing in Wallace is a great place to live. 

Living In Eastern NC

Eastern NC is a wonderful place to live. North Carolina provides a lower cost of living without sacrificing a high quality of life. The climate in eastern North Carolina is mild compared to most other states. This provides plenty of opportunity to enjoy days at the pool, on a nature trail, or on the golf course. It rarely gets so hot or cold that you can not enjoy being outside, enjoying all the beauty that the area has to offer. If you are looking for a new home in NC, consider River Landing. Contact us to learn more about our community and all that the eastern NC lifestyle has to offer.

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