Staff Spotlight: David Pulley

David Pulley is the Manager of the Landscape Department here at River Landing. David is originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, which is only a short 30 minutes away from River Landing. After attending Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina and working on multiple golf courses in the mountains, David decided to relocate to a warmer climate and now lives in Kure Beach with his wonderful girlfriend. His background in the art of landscaping dates back about 35 years, and David told us that he has thoroughly enjoyed making a living through growing grass.


Before starting his job here at River Landing, David told us that he was looking forward to helping in any way that he could to improve the quality of work done by the landscaping team. After spending some time here, David admitted that he has enjoyed getting to know his landscaping team and values the hard work and effort they put into their job.

When we asked David what his favorite part of his job as Landscape Manager was, he told us that he gets great pleasure from driving around their customer’s yards once their work is done and thinking how great things look. As far as the future of the landscape work at River Landing goes, David said that he wishes to, “continue to improve our quality of work and gain the respect of our customers.”

David comes from a large family with two older brothers and one younger sister. He has an obvious love for golf, but also enjoys other outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing, and riding his motorcycle!

Fun Facts About David

  1. Favorite quote: "Argue for your limitations and you shall have them.”

  2. Best piece of advice ever received: Always try to do the best job you can, no matter what the job is.

  3. When asked what are three facts about himself that not a lot of people know, David told us, “If I tell you that, then a lot of people will know!”

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