Staff Spotlight: Chef Lawrence Green


Lawrence Green, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, first came to us six months ago to take over the Executive Chef position at the Mad Boar. Having been in the restaurant industry for over 35 years Lawrence has also owned his own restaurant.

Lawrence’s fiancée is no stranger to the restaurant industry either as she is a very talented pastry chef who helped create the current dessert menu at the Mad Boar.

Lawrence says the best advice he can give to those interested in learning the art of cooking is, “stay disciplined!” He adds, “Watch and learn. Learn from everyone. Don’t be afraid to take input but eventually create your own style. Do what you like and others will come, just don't be afraid!”

Speaking on his time here, Chef Lawrence admits that he loves working with pork dishes and that he “enjoys freedom to be creative in the kitchen,” a statement which can be seen every week in his Monday Night Oyster, Tuesday Night Creole, and Saturday Night Chef’s specials that he creates weekly.

Fun Facts about Chef Lawrence

  1. Favorite Sports Teams: The New Orleans Saints and The Louisiana State University Tigers

  2. Fun Fact No One Knows About Him: He played football his freshman year of college

  3. Favorite Music: Old-school Rhythm and Blues or Jazz Music

  4. Best piece of advice he’s received as a chef: “If the order is long, don’t get it wrong!”

  5. Favorite Kind of Food: Mexi-Cajun (a fusion of Mexican and creole inspired dishes)

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