Make 3 Putts a Things of the Past


When it comes to putting you have to keep in mind the Double D’s – Distance and Direction!

You’re on the green and have about 25 feet to the hole. You blow the putt way by and now you have 8 feet coming back. You leave that one short because now you’re mentally scared. You’ve now walked off the green discouraged with another three putt.

So let's head over to the putting green and work on conquering those extra putts!

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Image 1

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Image 2

Set up 4 tees approximately 2 footsteps apart. Make sure two of the tees are in the fringe of the practice green. This is your distance box. (Image 1)

The idea of the box is to get your putt at LEAST past the front two tees, but NOT PAST the fringe (or the back two tees). *Note the tees are two footsteps apart all way around. *For directional purposes, your goal is to also be no further left or right of the tees on the sides. (Image 2)

From the square, step off 10 feet and place a tee, 20 feet place a tee, then 30 feet and place a tee. Hit three balls from each tee marker and make your goal to get all three balls past the first two tees, but no further than the back two tees before moving on to the next spot. If this is too hard, just try to make one ball in the square from each distance. This will help you gain accuracy and feel from far away, making your second putt much easier, ridding your game of the dreaded three putt!

I’ve heard people say putting is 50 percent technique and 50 percent mental. I really believe it is 50 percent technique and 90 percent positive thinking, see, but that adds up to 140 percent, which is why nobody is 100 percent sure how to putt.
— Chi Chi Rodriguez

By: Briana Sweeny

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