Tee It Up Tuesday: Don't Let Irma Dampen Your Practice

Tee It Up Tuesday Tips with Briana Sweeny


With the remnants of a catastrophic hurricane outside our door, it's easy to want to stay indoors all day, out of the wind and rain.  However, don't let the time away from the tees dampen your skills.  Brush up on your golf swing using everyday household items!

Image 1

Work on your takeaway

Grab a long handle spoon and a table.

Image 2

  • Set up with your long spoon under the table as shown in Image 1.  You'll want to make sure you are holding the spoon so that the face of the spoon faces your target, just as you would with your club.


  • Take the spoon back along the edge of the table (Image 2).  If you tend to take the club too far inside, this will help you keep the club on plane.  If you tend to take the club too far outside on the takeaway, your spoon will hit the bottom of the table (Image 3).

Image 3

Things to keep in mind...

Image 4

  • At waist high the spoon should be parallel with the side of your table.  The face of your spoon should face the table. (Image 2)
  • When taking the "club" or spoon back all the way to the top to complete the backswing, the spoon should then come back to its original position under the table.
  • If you tend to "cast" the club you will hit the spoon on top of the table (Image 4)

Don't let bad weather get the best of your technique.  Utilize those household items and get better every day!

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