Staff Spotlight: Chef Demille Jennings


NY to NC

Chef Demille Jennings is a banquet chef at the Clubhouse here at River Landing. He helps with catering services and makes himself available for any extra help when needed in the kitchen.

Demille has quite the story to tell.  He grew up in New York, and later moved to Cornelius, NC, near Charlotte, to assist his family. While in Charlotte, Demille worked for numerous prestigious chefs and studied their work diligently to learn all he could.

After building a noteworthy résumé, Demille received offers by restaurants and country clubs alike in the southeastern North Carolina area, including the River Landing Clubhouse. He came on a three-day stage and in his own words, Demille took the job and “never looked back”.

There’s nothing Demille loves more than cooking food for others to enjoy. He finds peace in the kitchen, calling his time in the back his ministry.


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Fun facts

- He first learned to cook from his mother who invited him into the kitchen to learn her recipes at a very young age.  He even cooked his first family Thanksgiving meal at the age of 12 when his mother was sick and he took over the duties for her.


- Demille started at River Landing in September 2016.


- He moved from the Queen City to settle closer to his son, who had recently earned a scholarship to UNCW.


- He went to a high school specializing in aviation to be a mechanic. However, at the time of his graduation, the aviation industry was suffering a period of lay offs, so he got a job prepping food at a local restaurant, effectively starting his cooking career.


- "At a very young age my dad taught me to always be early. If you get in the habit of being early eventually one day something will happen—car trouble or traffic—to make you run later than usual and you’ll still be on time." -Demille's best advice from his father.

I would like to thank everyone at Murphy Family Ventures for allowing me to share part of my journey. Remember: be grateful, stay blessed, and above all remain encouraged!

Much Love!
— Chef Demille
River Landing